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Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X


It is impossible to replace the connector without soldering, so here it is better to trust the master, because if suddenly something goes wrong, your console may completely fail, so if suddenly your HDMI connector stops working, then we advise you to immediately contact the service center.

Nowadays there are many companies and people who offer repair of various equipment, but many of them almost never, and some of them never disassembled the consoles, and even more so they did not repair or clean them, if you still fell for such a master, then hope that you will be lucky with the repair, because in our experience, such repairmen spoil the console more often than fix the spoiled part.

Therefore, before doing repairs, consult, or even better contact us and sign up for repairs in advance to get a discount. Thanks to the experience and high qualifications of our employees, after repair, you will receive your item in perfect condition.