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PlayStation 4 Repair

PlayStation 4 Repair


In November 2013 Sony Computer entertainment announced the successor of PS3 and it is 8th Generation of Play station. The hardware technology used in the PS4 is similar to technology found in modern computers, this ps4 designed make it easier to use and reduce the cost.

This console differs from the previous version in an improved design, the ability to share your gaming achievements on social networks, and a button was added on the controller, thanks to which the player has instant access to the same social networks.

PlayStation 4 has different model such as PS4, PS4 slim and PS4 Pro. Each model has it pros and cons, it’s all up to the customer which model suits to the. For us as PS 4 repair company we do service all the models for PS4, PlayStation 4 face many issue time to time some issues are mention below.

•             HDMI Port Broken: most commonly issue you will face with PS4 is HDMI connector is broken

•             Power Supply Issue:  Every Console has it power supply unit which supply the current/electricity to motherboard.

•             CD ROM Problem: while playing the game suddenly you get an error disc not available or console is not able to read the disc, it happens because of the lens inside the CD Rom.

•             Motherboard Issue: There can be many issue inside the motherboard such no display, RAM issue, no sound etc.

•             Overheating Issue:  Sometime when you play heavy game or high definition game in PS4 which make processor over heat.

•             Cleaning and Dusting:  Once in the year your Ps4 requires the cleaning and changing for thermal paste in CPU.

•             Bluetooth IC issue: Sometime your controller won’t get connect to console without wire, it is happened because of Bluetooth IC.

•             Hard disk issue:  If suddenly your hard drive has failed or you want to change it to a larger volume or even install it instead of a regular HDD, SSHD or SSD, then due to the location of the disk inside the console, you will have to disassemble the console almost completely

We as a PS4 service center assure you the quality work and 100% satisfaction, we use genuine spare parts and 30 days’ minimum warranty for our service.