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Nintendo Switch Repair

Nintendo Switch Repair


The emergence of the unique hybrid console-transformer "Nintendo Switch" became possible thanks to the modifications and improvements to its predecessor "Wii U". It is the largest and most powerful portable. It can be used as a separate portable touchscreen equipped with speakers or connected to a TV. The novelty supports branded entertainment games and regular ones. It is controlled by a specially developed version of the NVIDIA Tegra chip, focused more on mobile devices. But the power of the console will be enough to display a decent picture on 6-inch screens.


Although Nintendo gaming device is highly trustworthy and durable, its breakdowns are no exception. In most cases, the buyers themselves are to blame for this, not reading the instructions and not fulfilling the basic requirements for connection or operation. Frequent calls to the service taking into account the specifics of the device (for example, independent battery replacement is not provided in it

By contacting us, you will quickly solve most of the problems that have arisen with your Nintendo switch, with minimal costs.

We carry out the following types of work:

•             change the battery

•             we repair the motherboard.

•             Charging port replacement.

•             change the USB type-c connector and display

•             installing a new touch screen

•             we clean the game console, and update the thermal paste

•             we improve and repair cooling systems

•             we restore and repair joy-con gamepads

To identify and eliminate other malfunctions, a full diagnostics of the device is carried out. Call and contact the specified coordinates in contacts - you will not be disappointed with our capabilities.